Mark Brown, MD

Dr. Mark S. Brown, M.D.


About Dr. Brown

  • Mark S. Brown, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist and a member of ASOPRS (American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons) fellowship-trained surgeon with offices in Mobile, Alabama and Biloxi Mississippi.

  • His specialty of Eye Plastics or Oculoplastics is a sub specialty of Ophthalmology, requiring training in both plastic & reconstructive surgery and ophthalmology. 

  • Trained in Chicago Illinois, (with Dr. Allen Putterman) in association with the University of Illinois. 


  • Member of ASOPRS
  • Medical Association of Alabama
  • Mobile Medical County
  • Ameican Academy of Ophthalmology


Dr. Brown completed a residency in ophthalmology at New York University, medical training at Tufts University School of Medicine, and undergraduate education at Harvard College.


  • Chief Resident (Ophthalmology) New York University Hospital, Manhattan V.A. Hospital, Bellevue Hospital New York City, NY. Residency (Ophthalmology) New York University Hospital, Manhattan V.A. Hospital, Bellevue Hospital New York City, NY. Internship (Medicine) Mount Auburn Hospital, A Harvard Teaching Hospital Boston, MA. M.D. Tufts University School of Medicine. A.B. Harvard College. Biology, cum laude Postgraduate Training
  • On the faculty of two medical schools, Dr. Mark Brown has published numerous scientific papers and chapters, and is well qualified to perform cosmetic eyelid surgery  involving eyelids, eyebrow, cheeks and lacrimal (tear) system, or treat a wide range of eye-related complications from previous surgeries. These surgical procedures often have multiple names such as eyelift (eye-lift), lidlift (lid-lift) blepharoplasty, Upper blepharoplasty, repair of droopy eyelids, or baggy eyelids

Mark S. Brown, MD Oculoplastic surgery Mobile, AL

What type of surgeries does Dr. Brown perform?


Facial Facial Facial

Brow lifts ( direct, indirect)
Face and Cheek lifts ( Facelift &, Midface lift)
Injections with botulinum for facial wrinkles or blepharospasm

Orbital reconstruction following facial trauma
Surgeries for Grave's disease (thyroid)
Management of orbital tumors

Upper & lower eyelid blepharoplasty ("eye lift")
Repair of ptosis (drooping eyelids), eyelift, plastic surgery eyelid, eyelid surgery
Evaluation of eyelid laxity, malposition &lagophthalmos


Hannah Ashbee, COA

In addition to helping to evaluate and work up patients for him in our Eastern Shore and Mobile offices, Hannah assists with Dr. Brown's office and Operating Room schedule.

Hannah has worked with Dr. Brown for several years and is well qualified to answer about cosmetic eyelid surgery, eyelift, eye-lift, baggy eyelids, droopy eyelids and most questions related to conditions that Dr. Brown evaluates and treats. She can be reached by email at 





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